Discover Your Real Skin Type With These Proven Tips & Tricks

Discover Your Real Skin Type With These Proven Tips & Tricks

You may know your favourite Ben & Jerry’s ice -cream flavour, but are you so sure about your skin type? The rise of skincare products in the market are proof of how conscious people are about their skin.

Statista depicts that by 2024, the global skincare market will be around 180 US billion dollars. Interestingly, the industry is witnessing a big shift from older to younger customers in the past few years. This means more and more customers are looking forward to a regular skincare regime.  

The markets are flooded with skincare products and it can get overwhelming when it comes to choosing one for yourself. And this is exactly why you need to learn the type of skin you have. 

Does it feel oily all day long?

Or do you get parched cheeks due to lack of hydration?

Learning more about your skin type can help you regulate the best care routine for healthy and glowing skin. You know exactly what products and ingredients to avoid. 

Read along to find out more about how to find your skin type with a few smart tricks. There are also some proven tips afterwards to make sure you use the right products suited to your skin type.

Make Your Way With These Simple Tricks

Start with a day test

The best way to learn more about your skin is to see how it behaves from morning to evening on a typical day. After you are done with the day, ask and see for yourself. Also remember this test doesn’t work if you shower another time or head out into the raging sun, strong winds or any similar irritants.

You have oily skin if it feels looks shiny and oily.  If your t-zone is shimmering but otherwise your face looks normal, then you are a victim of combination skin type. Flakes and tight skin are signs of dryness whereas inflamed, patchy, itchy and red skin signal towards sensitive skin.

Move on to the wash test

It’s amazing how our skin has the ability to reveal it’s true self once we wash it. And that is exactly why you will love this test. All you need to do is wash your face with a mild cleanser and wait for 30 minutes.

Make sure you apply no make-up or other cosmetic. Also, this trick only works if your skin is in a relaxed stage initially. The test would be inconclusive if you try it after a walk in the snow or a run in the sun.

Take a picture

If you are seeing a dermatologist then they will probably be doing this for you. It is very easy for your doctor to differentiate pigmentation and sun damage by using UV filters appropriately. If you are experiencing any change in pore size or skin texture, this is the best way to know.

Can Your Skin Type Change Over The Years?

Yes, of course. If you touch (yes, we want you to touch) your skin, it’s easy to feel its temperature and texture. Several factors like geographical changes, pregnancy, diet and lifestyle can change your skin type with time. No wonder people feel their skin glow when they start working out.

Use a pinch test every now and then to check hydration levels. Once you know more about your type, try to add products and skincare routines that work with your skin type.

Below are several quirky tips for all skin types to get you started with a new skincare routine.

Oily Skin

CBD Facial Oil

Oil is produced by the sebaceous glands on our skin. Some skin types secrete more oil and this results in blackheads, clogged skin pores or pimples. If this is happening to you, first of all, check for dehydration as this increases oil production. 

You can rebalance oily skin with clay masks and oils. Try a rejuvenating facial oil and see the wonders it does. A bentonite clay mask and seaweed-based toner are your best friend.

Dry Skin

rejuvenating facial oil

If you have an underproduction of sebum, you witness dry, flaky skin and to solve this you need much more than water. Hyaluronic acid, free fatty acids and ceramides can save your day. Replace your cleanser with a no-rinse cleansing wash. Use face sheet masks before bedtime to keep your skin hydrated.

Combination Skin

CBD Face Oil

It can get hard to find the right product for an oily t-zone as experts still haven’t formulated a unique moisturizer for combination skin. Spot treatments work in favor and tea tree oil can make your skin look flawless. Make sure you use a different product for your cheeks and another one for your t-zone.

Normal Skin

CBD Natural Face Oil

If you have normal skin, then you probably hit the jackpot. Just because you are blessed with supple skin, doesn’t mean it won’t have rough days. One needs to pay attention to skincare during season change, holidays and extreme weather. 

Pick up any sunscreen that you’ve been using for a while and make do for an anti-ageing product to be used in the evening. Regular cleansing and toning can keep your skin radiant and extravagant. 

Make Sure Your Skin Stands The Test Of Time

For many, discovering their skin type can be a big conundrum to solve. And let’s not forget the millions who are using the wrong products altogether. With these simple tests, you can find the products that your skin loves. Make-up trends will come and go, but healthy, glowing skin comes out on top every time.

Do you have any experience of using a wrong cosmetic product? Let’s talk about it more below.

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